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There’s an old saying that I remember first hearing as a young boy.  “It aint bragging if it’s fact.”  Well, with that in mind, there will be no bragging in this note – just facts that sound a lot like bragging.

Fact is any Toastmasters club will provide the opportunity to improve one’s communication skills.  That’s why I joined in the first place back in 1984.  But there’s definitely something special about my chosen club – Executive Toastmasters.

Statistically, having earned recognition as a President’s Distinguished club, Executive is officially identified as one of the elite clubs in the country by Toastmasters International, the only TM chapter so honored in the Area.

While each of us joins Toastmasters for our own individual growth objectives, TMI measures each club by the growth of its members as a group.  Based on these measurements (collectively called “Distinguished Club Points”), Executive Toastmasters has earned this highest honor, year in and year out.

But I didn’t join Executive Toastmasters because of its collection of this and a host of other honors, impressive though they are.  My reason for joining this club was the camaraderie among its members that I witnessed while visiting as a guest, and the mutual support each showed one another.  The energy of this club seemed contagious; an energy level that now takes me through my day.  And I just had to be a part of it all.

Since joining I have witnessed new members who could barely catch their breath when speaking grow to become accomplished public speakers.  And, I have seen accomplished speakers hone their communication skills to grow beyond their own perceived capabilities.

As someone who travels extensively, I get to visit dozens and dozens of clubs throughout the country.  It is clear that Executive Toastmasters is indeed one of the best Toastmasters chapters in the U.S. – and that’s a fact!

Consider this to be your invitation to come see for yourself any Wednesday morning at 7 o’clock.  Come determine for yourself if I’m bragging, or simply stating fact.

Mark Siegel, DTM


OFFICERS FOR July 2017 – December 2017 TERM

Maggie A Fischer – President
Daniel Greenberg – VP Membership
Bosong Liu – VP Education
Nick A. Lalonde – VP Public Relations & Webmaster
Christopher Robinson – Sergeant-at-Arms
Susan Slawson – Secretary
Michael Smith – Treasurer
Bob Maher – Mentorship Chair
Eric Post – Videomaster