Distinguished Toastmaster from Colorado Visits Executive Toastmasters…

Thank you for allowing me to visit your wonderful Toastmasters Club Meeting. It was a privilege to be in the company of so many accomplished speakers. I appreciate the warm welcome, the friendly atmosphere and the good banter. The meeting was well run, professional and fun. There was a great theme, a useful word of the day, and the evaluations were helpful and encouraging. Here is a success story I would welcome you share with your fellow members. I made a sales call later that morning with one of my large corporate accounts in Dallas. It was perhaps the best meeting I ever had with this customer. Everything went exceedingly well with added business is on its way. I attribute much of my success and YES! Attitude that day to attending your meeting. District 50 should be proud to have such a fine club as yours. Please extend my thanks to the Executive Toastmasters. I wish all continued success and Happiest of Holidays. Best regards. ~Bradley Beck DTM

Executive Toastmasters – A Superior Learning Experience

In the spring of 2009, another big multinational corporation found that I was expendable and downsized me. An instructor at the outplacement firm hired for me by my former employer suggested that Toastmasters was a good place to network.  To say that I was a little smug about my communications ability would be about right.

My desire to make network connections allowed me to swallow my arrogance and attend a Toastmasters meeting. Fortune would have it that I attended a meeting of the Executive Toastmasters. As I quickly learned, the Executive Toastmasters club is a uniquely well organized and disciplined organization that, while forgiving, encourages all of its members to continuously improve their speaking and communications skills. I had no idea that I knew so little about my speech communications. My fellow club members patiently coped with my verbal sloppiness as my speaking improved. Every meeting is filled with new learning surprises; in the content of the speeches, the conduct of the meeting participants and the cultural awareness that members bring to meetings. My formal education from a well known eastern university has been consciously complimented by speaking skills enhanced at Executive Toastmasters. Thank you fellow Executive Toastmasters!  ~Chris Robinson, CC


A Lawyer in Love – With Executive Toastmasters!

I love Toastmasters!  For years, trying out a Toastmasters meeting was on my bucket list.  I finally made it to my first meeting of Executive Toastmasters in the summer of 2009 and been hooked ever since. In my professional life, I’m a trial attorney.  Contrary to popular opinion (of other attorneys), we are not the best speakers.  Toastmasters has improved my public speaking skills, trial presentation, and made me a more effective leader. 
 That’s not why I keep getting up for 7:00 a.m. meetings every Wednesday, though.  I rise with the chickens each Wednesday because I enjoy the opportunity to express my creativity through public speaking, to listen to interesting presentations from other club members, and have coffee with some great people who have become my friends. Give us a try. Everyone is welcome!  ~ Lisa Zahn, CC


A Powerful Community!

I never thought improving my speaking skills could also be so much fun.   The members of Executive Toastmasters know how to laugh and have fun and all the while I am improving my speaking and presentation skills.  I also appreciate the closeness and support of a powerful community of wonderful warm and caring people who are really there for each other.  ~Larry Leon, TM – Partner, Venture Commercial Real Estate, LLC


The Advantages of the Toastmasters Experience…

About six years ago I won a $1500.00 course from a business that teaches public speaking. It was an intense course with a very good instructor. I was also videoed so that I could see my strengths and weaknesses. As a Toastmaster of eight years I can honestly say that although the course was excellent, I did not learn anything that I couldn’t learn through Toastmasters. The advantage to Toastmasters is that you continue to grow and learn, improving your speaking and leadership skills, thereby increasing your chances of growth in your chosen field.

The best part of our club, Executive Toastmasters (no you do not have to be an executive to join) is the encouraging, relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you speak on your own terms and get honest critiques in a manner that encourages both personal and professional growth. We are the most diverse of the diverse and yet we are a warm and friendly group. Our meetings at 7 am every Wednesday are high energy and great fun. We care about each other and we laugh a lot.  ~Lynn Shevack, ACS, ALB

Executive Toastmasters is a Virtual Microcosm of the Real World

We are an excellent, long standing Toastmasters Club in the Dallas, TX area. We meet Wednesday mornings, 7 AM to 8 AM, at The Egg & I Restaurant in Addison. If you seek a high energy, FUN, relaxed learning environment fueled by a terrific mix of seasoned and new Toastmasters alike, this may be the group for you! An excellent learning and personal growth environment with a very diverse Membership representing a virtual microcosm of the real world. Recently we attained “President’s Distinguished” status and we are quite proud of our Club’s ability to balance Toastmasters International programming with our own unique energies and culture.  Our Toastmaster “family” welcomes all visitors and guests.  ~Bob Maher, ATMS